Tuesday, 6 February 2001

William Rushton: W.G. Grace's Last Case (1984)

Edition: Methuen, 1984 (Buy from Amazon)
Review number: 742

William Rushton embroils probably the most famous cricketer of
all time in an outrageous and hilarious investigation into the
death of Castor Vilbastard (pronounced Vilibart, as he and his twin
brother Pollux insist), as he is about to bowl at Grace at Lord's.
This investigation, which has its roots in a disastrous MCC tour of
the US a few years earlier, leads Grace and co-investigators John
Watson and A.J. Raffles to Paris and then to the moon, encountering
such famous real and fictional Victorians as Mrs Beeton, Dr Jekyll
and Mr Hyde, Sarah Bernhardt and Oscar Wilde. Supremely silly, and
consistently funny, W.G. Grace's Last Case is extremely

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